If you go to any JEE coaching classes and ask them if they cover the syllabus for boards, their answer will be affirmative. However, the challenge lies in the difference of course flow in school and coaching and the shift in expectations from school.

In India, teaching in class 11th starts in June and may start as late as September. The academic year lasts roughly 300 days, with around 130-150 days gone in holidays, tests, projects, and other school functions, leaving only 170 days for teaching a subject. The weekly teaching hours for a subject in schools typically range from 4-5 hours, or 40-50 minutes per day, a teacher has only 145 hours to teach and discuss the entire class 11th syllabus for a subject. On the other hand, coaching classes provide at least 260 hours of instruction in the same period for a subject.

Still genuine coaching cannot match the school's pace for class 11th, as they cannot proceed without in depth discussion and require a variety of questions, since they have to prepare students for exams they don't control.

Schools on the other hand are required and can declare the completion of syllabus under any circumstances by March, as they manage class 11th exams on their own. Even ignoring other challenges with schools. Schools across India are helpless in this regard, as logistics work in a way that makes it challenging for them to keep up with the demands of in depth learning.

Beside this, unfortunately, many students do not take their school classes seriously, as they believe that their JEE preparation will take care of it. While JEE preparation will help, the coaching  finishes complete syllabus for class 11th and 12th,well before the JEE Mains January attempt, so they need not to be worried about class 12th boards however when it comes to class 11th  school exam, be it regular or dummy school, only school teacher's notes and instructions are the way to follow.

Secondly, when a student decides to prepare for competitive exams, their and school's priorities are no longer the same, as only a good class 12th mark sheet is expected by school, however up to class 10th, schools are the masters of students and parents. School decides the path and parents and students have to only follow the instructions. This shift can be confusing for students and their parents, as they are not used to thinking beyond school.

By the time students reach class 12th, the damage has often already been done, students are shattered by all kind of doubts and confusion hence you will see most of the drop out cases after class 11th half-yearly exam, annual exam and most of such cases will propose that, school exams, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced are three different paths, which is far from reality.

Rarely, anyone admits giving up, however it can be sensed by our near ones through our dropped interest and excitement. Every year several deserving candidates lose hope due to poor guidance and unrealistic expectations in terms of school marks.

Hence, it is important for parents to be aware of the real challenges and should consult their child's coach and take necessary action if they sense that their child is struggling, rather than waiting for their child to admit giving up.

However, the factory model of education, with its lack of personalized mentoring or guidance, erases any scope of timely intervention. Timely and required intervention is possible only when mentors know your child as a person, not merely as another roll number.

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