About Us

Adventure IIT got founded with the principle of making Personalized Mentoring the norm and not the exception. Our core value of “Student First” guides us in our endeavour to bring the best out of our students.

We believe cracking an exam like JEE is as much about mental strength as it is about applying Physics, Chemistry, and Math.

We aim to create a legacy of students who learn to believe in themselves against all odds, pick themselves up in the face of adversities, and are ready to unleash their potential in the world.

Founding Team

Rupinder Singh

Rupinder has trained and counselled 1800+ students over his teaching career spanning more than a decade.

His forte is strategizing for exams to supporting students one-on-one, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and giving them individual guidance to learn and grow.

Besides teaching, Rupinder is a fitness enthusiast and an avid book reader.

Prabhjot Singh

Prabhjot has taught 1500+ students in last 8 yrs for different entrances like JEE/ NEET/ MHCET/ BITSAT/ KVPY/ SAT.

His strength lies in understanding the challenges faced by a student and developing opportunities to overcome those challenges in a time-bound and result oriented manner.

Founder’s Message

Mentoring is about life, not just for an exam.

While preparing for IIT JEE ourselves, we were not the most intelligent kids in the room. We had our fair share of a string of poor scores that would pull us down. We knew we had the talent but self-doubts would creep in from time to time. But that did not stop us from working hard and getting into our dream college.

However, working as a teacher in different places, we observed that the structure is “always” tailor-made for prodigies or those super-intelligent kids (call them “Sharma ji ka beta” if you will!). It is not aligned with the students who have the potential and can work hard but are bogged down by self-doubts and feel disengaged from their studies.

 This brings us to the question – why does every student have to go through the same “herd coaching” that is tailor-made only for prodigies?

At Adventure IIT we are changing that paradigm. Each student is important and has his/her strengths and weaknesses and can be guided to bring out the best in them.

At Adventure IIT, we are here for everyone. We want all our students to LEVEL UP – the super-intelligent kid who wants more challenges and the intelligent kid who needs more hand-holding and guidance.

Our only non-negotiable condition – HARD WORK!

We invite you to join us and LEVEL UP!

Prabhjot and Rupinder

Students Testimonials

Soham Warde IIT Madras

Adventure IIT helped me to expand my limits both academically and on a personal level. If you want to extract the maximum from yourself, Adventure IIT is the place.

Ashish Warde Soham’s father

Vividly remember our first interaction and the mediocre goals we had set for ourselves. Hats off to your team in helping us change our focus. Your personal interactions and teaching methodology has got Soham to this position.

Tina Garg IIT Bombay

The teachers believe in having a systematic approach They pushed me to understand the concept and find solutions to different problems, study and life-wise both

Neeraj Garg Tina’s father

Their focus and personal attention to Tina's needs made a huge difference in her performance. The teachers inspired her to achieve the big feat and made her feel comfortable that she could freely ask them any doubt

AdventureIIT Result
Aman Kumar IIT Kharagpur

This is one of the best institutes in Pune. Their teaching methodology is one of a kind. They dedicate their heart and time to teaching and making sure the student has learned the required concepts

D K Singh Aman’s father

My son Aman Kumar Singh built his confidence once he joined this institute They are competent in providing quality study to their students with the greatest level of accuracy

Aryan Seth BITS Pilani

An amazing place to learn with some of the most dedicated teachers. They keep students motivated by always being accessible and regularly interacting with us

Vineet Seth Aryan’s father

Attributes that make Adventure IIT unique - • Akin to having 'mentor-on-demand' • Commitment to helping students navigate • The transparency of discussions

    Google Reviews

    Sunil Rathor Guardian of student appearing in JEE 2024

    They never run behind to complete syllabus on time. They always make every child to understand the core concepts & delivers in a very constructive way Teachers are very supportive and they always provide the best content.

    Kishore Sehgal Guardian of student appearing in JEE 2024

    Delivering high quality education through personal attention, small batch sizes and 1:1 doubt solving session makes IIT Adventure special for engineering coaching. Highly qualified and friendly professors, always providing the right guidance to the students.

    Mahesh Yeole Currently studying in IIT Delhi

    They are mentors, not just teachers, as they shape students' lives and nurture them with great guidance. Proud to be an alumnus of this academy.

    Kulveer Singh Silver medallist – Homi Bhabha Exam

    Adventure IIT is a total game-changer for JEE prep! They've built such a rock-solid foundation for me that I'm having a blast on this crazy adventure. They go above and beyond to explain every concept like there's no tomorrow. The bond they create with students and parents keeps us pumped and laser-focused.

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