Do I Need To Sacrifice My Hobbies And Friends To Be Successful In JEE?

by | Feb 8, 2021 | JEE 2022

Have you just started preparing for the JEE and are sunk deep in school and coaching studies? With so much work burdening you all day, you might think about sacrificing your friends and hobbies.

But beware before you do that! 

Do you know that friends and hobbies can aid your JEE preparation in wonderful ways? Read on to find out how!

Why Interacting with Friends Helps During Preparation?

If you have been performing poorly in recent coaching tests and a lot of syllabi is left to cover, you might be feeling anxious.

Talking to friends in such times will certainly keep your spirits high. 

Most probably, your friends are also engaged in competitive exam preparations themselves and will understand your situation the best. If you have any friends who are also preparing for JEE, you guys can help each other out with questions and concepts. Even a silly mistake on the last Physics test can be easy to overcome if you have someone to share a laugh with. 

When you have to study all night and feel low, they will be the ones to pick you back up and push you to do your best in the next test. 

Always remember that your friends are your true support system - people you can lean on as you study hard for the exam. Your real friends will uplift and encourage you after every bad performance. 

Hobbies Break the Monotony

Consistency is the most critical factor in JEE preparation. With consistency comes monotony. And hobbies are a great way to get rid of that monotony. 

A few hours of your favorite hobby can refresh your mind and improve your focus when you study. Moreover, you will develop a confident personality and valuable skills for life.

So How do You Find the Right Balance?

You should understand that there is a need for effective time management when you are a JEE aspirant. But, complete disconnection from friends and hobbies isn’t the way to achieve it.

Instead of disconnecting from friends, divide your time such that you and your peers focus on both studies and having fun.

Nothing wastes your time more than scrolling mindlessly on Facebook or Instagram. 5 minutes of scrolling can soon transform into an hour of chatting. So instead of avoiding friends and hobbies, avoid social media.

Remember, a good peer group will always help you grow and excel, whether it’s in an exam like JEE or any other sphere in life. And doing the things you love in leisure times is what will always rejuvenate you. 

So don’t think about sacrificing either of those while you’re engrossed in JEE preparation. Instead, use them as a positive stimulus to do even better in the exam.


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