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Along with the pamphlet, NTA has announced a revised JEE Main 2022 exam pattern. The JEE Main exam pattern includes JEE Paper 1 for B.Tech and JEE Paper 2 for B.Arch and B. Planning. Here candidates may see the JEE Main exam format in detail.

Each topic will include 20 multiple choice questions (MCQ) and 10 numerical questions (NVQ), of which only 5 will be completed, according to the JEE 2022 core exam pattern. Except for the B.Arch drawing test, both exams are taken online according to the JEE Main 2022 exam schedule. The NTA JEE Main 2022 paper pattern contains exam-related information such as the mode of examination, the number of sections, the number of questions, the type of questions, and the grading scheme for JEE Main 2022. The NTA JEE Main 2022 examination will be divided into four sessions: B. E/B. Tech students should take Paper 1, B.Arch. or B. Plan students should take Paper 2, and B.Arch. or B. Plan students should take Paper 3. Read the complete post to get more about the JEE Main test pattern 2022 for B. E/B. Tech, B.Arch., and B. Plan courses.


What’s New for 2022 in the JEE Main Exam Pattern? 

  • Paper 1 will have a total of 90 questions, 25 each from Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, according to the current JEE Main 2022 test schedule. Only 75 questions are required of candidates.
  • There will be 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and 10 numerical questions in each subject. Five of the ten numerical questions have optional responses.
  • Numerical questions are exempt from negative marking.
  • In JEE Main 2022, Test 1 (B. Tech) will get 300 points, and Test 2 (B.Arch.\B. Plan) will each get 400 points.
  • JEE Main 2022 will be held in a total of 13 languages.


Exam Pattern for JEE Main 2022.

To be eligible for the IIT Joint Entrance Exam, one must be familiar with the entire JEE Main exam schedule for the year 2022. The JEE Main 2022 paper 1 and paper 2 patterns are different. To build a better JEE Main study strategy, candidates should refer to the respective JEE Main 2022 test pattern.


2022 JEE Main Syllabus.

For JEE Main 2022, candidates must be conversant with the syllabus as well as the test pattern. Candidates who are familiar with the JEE Main syllabus will be able to make an effective study plan and concentrate on the exam’s most important topics. The syllabus for the JEE Main exam is based on the 11th and 12th grade mathematics, physics, and chemistry textbooks. As a result, candidates should plan accordingly.


Mock Tests for JEE Main 2022.

JEE Main mock test 2022 has been released to the National Testing Agency’s official website. The mock exam is based on the actual JEE The mock exam is based on the 2022 JEE Main exam pattern and will assist candidates understand the types and levels of questions that will be asked. Taking more and more practice exams will help candidates enhance their speed and time management skills. Candidates will be able to evaluate their performance through mock tests.


Previous Year Question Papers for JEE Main.

Candidates should also solve prior year question papers in addition to taking mock tests to familiarize themselves with the JEE Main 2022 exam pattern, which includes the kind of questions asked, the level of difficulty, and other key details. Time management is another crucial factor that previous year’s question papers assist pupils with. Candidates can decide how much time to dedicate to each part using JEE Main previous year question papers.


JEE Main Books to Read in 2022.

Students must know the necessary books to refer to in order to prepare for the test after learning the syllabus and JEE Main 2022 exam pattern. The books recommended by popular authors to help students prepare for JEE Main 2022 are listed below.


JEE Main Physics Book Recommendations

  • C. Verma’s Concepts of Physics, Volumes I and II.
  • Halliday, Resnick, and Walker’s Fundamentals of Physics.
  • E. Irodov’s Problems in General Physics.


JEE Main Chemistry Book Recommendations.

  • Bahadur’s Numerical Chemistry.
  • D. Lee’s Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Paula Bruice’s Organic Chemistry Morrison & Boyd’s Yurkanis Organic Chemistry.


JEE Main Mathematics Book Recommendations.

  • L. Loney’s Trigonometry
  • Hall and Knight’s Higher Algebra
  • L. Loney Coordinate Geometry
  • A. Maron’s Problems in One-Variable Calculus.
  • NCERT Maths XI & XII.


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