103 Weeks of JEE Preparation (Part 2)

by | Mar 20, 2021 | JEE 2022

This is Part 2 of our series 103 Weeks of JEE Preparation. In Part 1, we covered the first 48 weeks. As class 11th has just ended, I hope you have been busy revising the syllabus and covering backlogs. The time after 11th ends, till summer break is over, is, as I mentioned in the first part of this article, a lifeline for all students. Hence, use this time wisely.

Now, as you arrive in the 49th week of your JEE preparation journey, you must still keep everything planned. Since grade 12th has now begun, you will face some new challenges and continue to navigate older hurdles as well. 

Read on to know how you need to approach the remaining time until your JEE Advanced paper, how you should tackle the 12th boards’ pressure and continue learning, and how you should deal with exams. 

Weeks 49 – 78

By now, you should have a good schedule in place. Your time management skills should be polished because if you don’t dedicate enough time to studies or don’t relax enough, both your grades and health will suffer. If you have not begun following the schedule yet, do so immediately. Perfect your timetable such that you study as well as rest appropriately every day. 

Having studied Physics, Chemistry, and Math for JEE for a year now, you should understand which subject out of the three troubles you the most. Do you get a lot of questions wrong in Physics tests? Or is that the case with Math and Chemistry? If you do lack in one subject, start focusing more on it. The only way to feel confident in a subject is to devote more time to it. Solve a good number of questions related to the chapters that trouble you the most. If necessary, approach your teachers and mentors to understand some concepts better. Since this is also the year you will appear for your board exams, you should start practicing your school textbooks’ questions. For CBSE students, these will be their NCERT textbooks. For ICSE and state boards, you should practice questions from your reference books. 

Talk to your friends and mentors regularly to boost up your spirits, and no matter what, keep working hard. 

Weeks 79 – 81

Around week 79th, that is, in the November of your class 12th, you will arrive at the end of your course syllabus for JEE and school. 

However, syllabus completion does not indicate that you know everything thoroughly. If you have been following the timetable you designed for yourself last year, your journey up until this point should have been mostly smooth. Even if you did score low in a few tests, you should have recovered well and performed better on other tests. If your school held a half-yearly exam in Grade 12th, you should have scored well in that exam as well. If you didn’t, I hope you have understood the chapters that caused you problems in the half-yearly exams by now. 

Use the holidays you get for Dussehra and Diwali to get back on track for your upcoming pre-boards. This is another big milestone that you have to cross, and with a good strategy, you can pass your pre-boards with good marks and not feel pressured at any point. Your pre-boards are like a test of your mental strength, grit, and planning. If you did plenty of self-study, focused on classes at school and coaching, took help from your friends and teachers when necessary, you will do well in these exams. Remember, if you are having to study everything at the last minute and feel extremely tensed, you are not on the right track.  

It is common to score slightly low in pre-boards. Since these examinations are only a way for you to prepare for your board exams, you should treat them as a learning curve. If you score low in particular subjects or make mistakes in questions related to certain chapters, start revising those chapters and subjects well. These hurdles occur for every aspirant, so don’t panic. In the 2-3 weeks after your pre-boards, doing this revision will help you get ready for both the board exams and the upcoming JEE Mains. 

Weeks 81 – 86

After your pre-boards end, you will have to get ready for the first real battle - JEE Mains. In the weeks after your pre-boards, keep solving test papers and questions. Relax well, but also study sufficiently. Remember, with your JEE Mains exam in January, you will also have to study for the upcoming grade 12th-second pre-board exams. It’s incredibly necessary to be in full control of your daily timetable and course syllabus at this time. Once you have crossed this phase, you will have passed one of the biggest hurdles of this journey.

Weeks 87 – 95

After your first JEE Mains attempt, it’s time for you to prepare for your board exams. These few weeks, you should direct all your attention towards your boards. It’s important to score well in grade 12th, so you shouldn’t worry about other aspects of your JEE preparation right now. Practice other subjects like English and your Optional during these weeks properly, so that you don’t fall behind in those. Ask your school teachers for guidance in writing answers properly, and get all your doubts resolved.

Weeks 95 – 97

These two weeks, before your second JEE Mains, must be planned carefully. This is when you can revise the few chapters that continue to trouble you even now. You can brush through your notes and keep having a glance at all the concepts. During these weeks, you should be in regular contact with your coaching teachers or mentors because they are the only ones who can guide you. You should also spend this time analyzing your mistakes in the previous JEE and mock tests, and try to improve on those specific areas that you got wrong.

Weeks 97 – 103

After being done with JEE Mains, you must focus on the JEE Advanced, BITs entrance, and other regional engineering entrance exams like MHCET. Contact your mentors to see what type of questions you should be solving. They will be pivotal in helping you transition in this period after appearing for the 12th boards and before these exams. Stay calm and balance your time. You don’t have school work to focus on anymore, so you should modify your timetable to fit in more self-study time. Doing this will ensure top-notch preparation for the JEE Advanced.

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