Comprehensive Analysis Program

For IIT-JEE Preparation

CAP Translates Our Experience Into Your Clarity And Success

For JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, MH-CET, BITS & IISER Aspirants

If you are targeting engineering entrance exams in 2023 and have burning questions that need to be answered, then, Adventure IIT’s CAP will help you get the clarity you are seeking and aid you in taking meaningful decisions for your future.


    We Will Take You Through 5 Meticulously Designed Phases

    Phase-1 : Understanding JEE

    • JEE preparation is an Adventure in itself. The ups and downs of these 2 years can be crossed if the student has a lasting internal motivation.
    • The first step for the student is to distinguish between “perception” and “reality” of JEE and to find that internal motivation to excel.
    • We help clear those misconceptions and apprehensions in this phase.

    Phase-2 : Live Class Experience

    • The student learns an actual JEE topic to appreciate the depth of understanding required to excel in JEE.
    • This gives them a live experience of differences between 10th and 11th-12th standard.
    • This also gives the student an understanding of what he/she will be
      doing 15 hours a week in our 3 Days A Week Program (3DWP) in the next 2 years.

    Phase-3 : Setting Expectations

    • We give a worksheet to be completed and submitted by the student.
    • This gives the student a chance to understand the level of time and effort expected during her actual days of preparation.

    Phase-4 : Reality Check

    • The student gives a test simulated like JEE based on the class and worksheet.
    • The test is designed to assess them on four important parameters which are necessary to prepare and excel in JEE as per our experience and understanding.

    Phase-5 : Evaluation & Feedback

    • We provide a detailed assessment that outlines –
      – How the student performed
      – What kind of mistakes were made (conceptual mistakes, silly mistakes etc)
      – How the gaps can be filled
      – What is expected from him/her to be a serios JEE aspirant
    • This comprehensive analysis is communicated to the students and parents through one-on-one sessions.

    You Will Be Able To Answer Questions Such As…


    Should My Child Pursue JEE Preparation?

    To-Be or Not-To-Be

    We flirt with the decision like a relationship. We confuse ourselves by asking many people around us of what they think.

    With CAP, let our experience guide you in taking a more informed decision.


    Isn't It Too Difficult?

    Anything worth pursuing is difficult – just like getting into the Indian cricket team, so is getting into the IITs.

    The good news is that we can help you find a path that suits your motivations and discover your potential.


    Will Board's Syllabus Get Covered In JEE Preparation?

    Yes. The syllabus for board’s and JEE is same. Due to different formats, the preparation requires different approach for both. We will help you understand how to create a balance between the two.


    Should My Child Pursue JEE Mains or JEE Advanced?

    Each student is unique with their strengths and weaknesses. So it depends on a lot of factors.

    We will talk about those factors in Phase-1 of CAP.


    Which Board Should My Child Take Up - CBSE or ICSE or State Board?

    We will discuss this in CAP based on your available choices and circumstances.


    My Child Is Smart. But He/She Doesn't Work Hard. Can They Clear JEE?

    Part of JEE preparation for a student is creating your own discipline and schedule and generate inner motivation.

    How to do that is a puzzle we will help you solve in CAP and in our 2-year course.


    My Child Is Very Smart. I Wish Someone Could Teach Them To Work Hard.

    JEE preparation and success comes with a mix of smart work and hard work. But it is not the same for every student and it is our job to help them understand how to create a balance between the two.


    My Child Scored/Expects 90%+ in 10th Boards. He/She Should Ace JEE.

    It may seem like a correlation, but not always reflected in reality. In fact, this is an unrealistic expectation we come across all the time. 

    We will talk about the differences and help you set realistic and achievable goals.

    Ready to get started?